House of Haveron

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Naval Officer's Manual

A recently unclassified variant of the Blue Book.

Hades Station, Noble Capital of Davien

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Public Acknowledgement of the Books

"As times are changing, and evolving. We must evolve too.", Said by Commodore Eris Stonewall, Sub-Commander of Haveron's First Fleet. While Commodore Stonewall went over many topics, including the re-structure of the Naval Branch of the House of Haveron, there was also a declaration of a new construction project on Hades Station. The additional structure below the main habitation disc will house several foundries in which refining of mined ores will be conducted along with several hangars for Hull-Type ships, and two hangars specifically outfitted for the housing of Pionneer Class Colonly Ships. The most significant topics however, was briefly acknowledged. If this was on accident, or on purpose we still do not know. Here is the excerpt heard, "...While our hopes and dreams are to grow and make our defended system safer, we will move to focus on construction and exploration. While the books may have detailed the potential fall of the House with these movements in the past, we are ready..." Commodore Stonewall and Duke Haveron have both refused to give statements on the alleged books that have been widely considered a myth. Books that have been with the House of Haveron since it's inception for each branch, detailing the scope and events every head of branch had conducted. Such details on the books, or their whereabouts are strictly hidden to the public for now.